Editing Dysart

The shoot in Carrboro went well. There were very few multiple takes that I needed.

I made a rough edit with Josh last night and showed it to our class. They/the professor were generally pleased, but wanted better coverage and less editing in certain sections. I agree, and I'll see what I can do.

Meanwhile the first cue has come in from our dear composer. Sounds great. Somehow manages to channel Morricone... on a time crunch and a budget.

Things are progressing. I'd give a long narrative about how shooting went but I haven't the time.

I'm overloaded...

Editing three different projects. Three papers in progress. Etc.

This is not a time to write.

But if I have something very compelling, I'll post it.


Shooting tomorrow

Finally, we'll begin shooting my screenplay Dysart tomorrow.

It's been a long time in the making, so to speak. I already shot some second unit footage in Lexington that seems to have turned out pretty good.

I'll provide details as they occur.

Lack of Bloggage...

I've been very busy lately: lots of projects, both media and not. I'm graduating soon, and this is tying up all the loose threads.

I'll have something worth saying later...


Perks of a Bad Economy

Not everything is a downer. Documentary filmmakers can benefit in a number of ways, some more beneficial than others.


The BBC Takes On Happy Endings


Interesting points about what people expect to get out of a story. Thankfully it points out that some happy endings just can't work... upbeat Hamlet?