Spring Break updates

Quite a lag, huh? I'll be back with some original content shortly. Here's a quick update of what happened on the personal project front:

  • I started writing the brand-new version of my feature length. I'm on page 12. Heh. Luckily I know where I'm going with it all, I just don't have the time/energy to do it.
  • I rewrote Dysart. It's subtler (and perhaps moodier) than it's ever been, and I'm quite satisfied. I'll go into more details as time goes on/I share it with my professor.
  • I gave a call to Asymmetrical Productions out in LA. Yes. That is David Lynch's ProdCo. Left a message on the answering machine, giving my name, number, and status. I let them know that I was interested in helping them with any needs they had.
Lame. But you gotta start somewhere. Right?

More on career stuff to follow.

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